Archuleta County Commissioner District 1: Nate Berman

My name is Nate Berman.
I am running for District 1 County Commissioner, and I am
not a politician.

I grew up in a patriotic military family, and after my service in the
army I’ve pursued a civilian career in data analysis and software
engineering. I moved to Aspen Springs from Texas about 3 years
ago to settle down and raise a family, and like everyone else I have
concerns about the future. At the heart of things I am a numbers
guy, and when I look at how some of our numbers are tracking I
can’t help but feel compelled to enlist into the service of my
community once again.

After years of politics-as-usual the trends seem clear:
taxes keep going up, property development costs keep going up,
regulations keep increasing, our infrastructure doesn’t get the
attention it needs, and our friends and neighbors who want nothing
more than to be good citizens are left struggling under seemingly
endless and unnecessary bureaucratic dead weight.

We, the regular, freedom-loving people of Archuleta County,
deserve a voice on our board of county commissioners. We need
representation that promotes our community’s families, goals, and
interests. Lower taxes, stronger property rights, empowering small
business development, cutting administrative red tape, and a
local government that works FOR The People.

Together we can work to safe guard our community, empower 
The People, and ensure this government acts with OUR interests
in mind. If you love and value your home, families, and freedoms as
much as we do, I invite you to stand with me and the rest of our
community to help preserve the Colorado we all love.

My name is Nate Berman, and I am running to represent our
community on the board of County Commissioners.

Archuleta County Commissioner District 2: Ronnie Maez

I am a native of Archuleta County and have lived my whole life in Pagosa Springs. I graduated from Pagosa Springs High School in 1982 and have owned and operated my own business in Pagosa Springs for 27 years.

 I volunteered for the Archuleta County Fair Board throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, in addition to serving as a Volunteer Firefighter for ten years. I rose through the ranks of the …fire department to be promoted to Captain while simultaneously receiving several awards. I received the Rookie of the Year award in 1996, the Firefighter of the Year award in 1998 and the Officer of the Year award in 2001.

 I have served as Chairman on the Board of Directors for the Pagosa Fire Protection District; served on the District’s Unified Combined Dispatch Board and on the Districts’ Board of Firefighter Pension Funds.

 Additionally I was a member of the Archuleta County School District Accountability Council for a year.

 I became a Board Member on the Pagosa Springs Planning Commission in 2012. In my second year on The Planning Commission I was Chairman of the Commission.

  My wife, Dawn and I have been married 30 years and have raised two children here in Archuleta County. My entire life has been here in Archuleta County, my involvement in the community both professional and as ordinary citizen shows my strong concern for our county and my commitment to my responsibility and leadership in our county.

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