Colorado House District 59: Our very own

Marilyn Harris, ACRCC Chair

“We need leadership that will put citizens of HD 59 first. ”

I want to return Colorado to the days when people and their livelihoods mattered more than a political agenda.  District 59 is rich with an abundance natural resources providing unique lifestyles for those who live here and fantastic recreational experiences for residents and the vast number of visitors we host each year.  I will support legislation based on common sense, limited government and strive to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy in the 59th district.  It is important that the people have a strong voice to convey their best interests and help guide the Colorado House of Representatives to support our community and our needs.

My extensive political leadership experience including Chairman of the Archuleta County Republican Committee, President of State of Colorado for Colorado Federation of Republican Women for four years, Coordinator of the National Federation of Republican Women as well as the Board of Directors and Bylaws Committee of the National Federation of Republican Women provide a sound platform to work from for you.

I want to work with you and help our rural area of Colorado recover and return to economic growth, see that people have a choice in the type of health care they want to receive and endeavor to make that care affordable. Strengthen our education system, protect farmers and ranchers from unfair water rights legislation, make sure our natural resources are open to all to enjoy and deliver long range planning that will directly contribute to our district’s success.  

A lot of my family members and friends call me a workaholic. Along with living an active political role I dedicate numerous hours each month to several community projects such as the local 4-H, projects that support our service men and women, local charities within our district, and volunteering to support those in need such as the women’s shelter. 

Outside of my decades of political service, I also bring to the table my past business experiences as a small busines owner in the restaurant business for 7 years and business coordinator and budget management for a multimillion-dollar entertainment group for 14 years. As a Colorado resident I have loved our state and local communities for 27 years. 

From Chromo to Durango, Kline to Gunnison and all the towns and rural areas in-between we are a diverse group of people who must unite to have a strong voice in our state government.  Together we can and will be heard.

I ask for your vote for representative from District 59 to the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Thank you for your time and attention.

It is time to unite and be heard!

Archuleta County Commissioner District 2: Ronnie Maez

I am a native of Archuleta County and have lived my whole life in Pagosa Springs. I graduated from Pagosa Springs High School in 1982 and have owned and operated my own business in Pagosa Springs for 27 years.

 I volunteered for the Archuleta County Fair Board throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, in addition to serving as a Volunteer Firefighter for ten years. I rose through the ranks of the …fire department to be promoted to Captain while simultaneously receiving several awards. I received the Rookie of the Year award in 1996, the Firefighter of the Year award in 1998 and the Officer of the Year award in 2001.

 I have served as Chairman on the Board of Directors for the Pagosa Fire Protection District; served on the District’s Unified Combined Dispatch Board and on the Districts’ Board of Firefighter Pension Funds.

 Additionally I was a member of the Archuleta County School District Accountability Council for a year.

 I became a Board Member on the Pagosa Springs Planning Commission in 2012. In my second year on The Planning Commission I was Chairman of the Commission.

  My wife, Dawn and I have been married 30 years and have raised two children here in Archuleta County. My entire life has been here in Archuleta County, my involvement in the community both professional and as ordinary citizen shows my strong concern for our county and my commitment to my responsibility and leadership in our county.

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